What percentage of lottery winners, won using ‘quick pick’ numbers?

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Question by Joseph Campanile: What percentage of lottery winners, won using ‘quick pick’ numbers?
Or, if you know where I might find such statistics. I checked the lottery website and I couldn’t find anything there. If it matters…I’m talking about Florida Lottery or even Powerball.

I just stumbled across this show called ‘ The Lottery Changed My Life’ (on TLC) and it really has me hooked, lol. I am really interested in learning more about the Lottery, I’ve never really played.

Thanks for the info!

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Answer by pdq
Brand new profile. This is probably a bogus question.

Just in case not, here you go:

The percent of winners that win from ‘quick pick’ is equal to the percent of people that actually play quick picks. In other words, if 70% of people buy quick picks, then 70% of the prizes will be to people who bought quick picks.

70% is probably about right. More people play quick picks.

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  1. The exact statistics I do not know.
    But I know from other foruns that more people
    play”quick pick”than people who play as usual.
    And if I remember correctly, the reason is because it is easily to win
    than a classic system.
    Then, the percentage of winners at quick pick should be naturally
    huge than in other systems.