If I win the lottery, can i keep my identity a secret?

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Question by jpattjr2007: If I win the lottery, can i keep my identity a secret?
do i have to show my face in front of cameras and give out my name if i win the lottery… California

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Answer by wolfmega321
Well, you dont have to do anything. But youll have some minor publicity on your back for a little bit.

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  1. No you don’t have to

  2. I really wouldn’t worry about it. The odds of winning a lottery prize big enough to attract media attention is extremely slim. In fact, the odds are greater that you will be shot and killed on the way to pick up your lottery ticket.

    But in the highly unlikely scenario where you win the lottery, you can hire a very expensive and very competent lawyer who will advise you as to the best way to keep it a secret.

  3. I am pretty sure its a matter of public record but then again I live in NJ and your in CA but if your talking about the mega millions I believe its public record, but Im sure they’re are loopholes.

    I’ll put myself in the spotlight anyday for a cool $50+ million.