I need a psychic to give me winning Texas Lotto numbers.?

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Question by wesyb: I need a psychic to give me winning Texas Lotto numbers.?
Here is a chance to prove your worth. I am getting ready to go buy my numbers, and I want some winners for a change. I need six *and here’s the key word* WINNING numbers. I am not ashamed to split the proceeds. Thanks for your suggestions :)

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Answer by Finndo
I’m ready to give you the numbers if you send advance payment.

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  1. Use a pendulum hold it over numbers from 0 to 9 .Choose the six in order that makes the pendulum swing in a circle.

  2. 124965

    I am not a *true* physichic but I do have my moments. I hope these numbers work for you.

  3. nope sorry keeping the 6 winning numbers for myself

  4. Dont we all need a psychic with the winning lottery numbers!!!

  5. 16 – 23 – 29 – 30 – 43 – 49

  6. Of course I know them, but why would I tell you?

  7. Why would any psychics do that when, with their magnificent powers, they could see the next day’s headline:


    If they could win it for you they could win it for themselves too and not have to share it with anyone.

  8. http://www.briansprediction.com/