I got 2 out of 6 numbers on the lottery in florida, did i win anything?

Question by Franco G: I got 2 out of 6 numbers on the lottery in florida, did i win anything?

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Answer by krma

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  1. Another chance to blow your cash in three days.

  2. Yeah, a new trailer and a pack of kools

  3. yeah a loser ticket

  4. no

  5. Dream on.

  6. That’s a big fat negative, you have to get like 4 and then you only get like 5.

  7. Yes go get the money! omg!


  8. No – sorry:) I wish it was that easy – I’m forever getting 2 numbers:)


  9. Sorry, don’t think so. :(

  10. yeah but not alot

  11. no

  12. no u need three numbers to get like 4 dollars

  13. my sympathy

  14. no you have to have at leat 3 right.

  15. No, three numbers or more puts you in the “winning” catergory. I used to play lotto all the time in FL before I moved to Michigan.

  16. save the ticket, you can get the dollar back when you do your taxes

  17. dont know not from florida

  18. A 30% win which equals nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Nooooooooooooooo sorry…… you have to get at least 3,,,,
    and in Florida, your Lottery tickets arent tax write offs either.

  20. u wish

  21. better suggestion: if you can’t figure out how to tell if you’ve won, you probably shouldn’t be wasting your money on lottery tickets….

  22. i don’t think so i think you have to get at least 3 to win something like 3 bucks

  23. No, but Florida got yer $1. I think it’s 4 numbers to win anything.

  24. yes, you’ve won (announcer voice from the the price is right) a new car!!!!!

  25. no you did not.
    it takes at least 3 0r more numbers to win