Can NYS lottery winner stay anonymous?

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Question by David Stern: Can NYS lottery winner stay anonymous?
If somebody win the lottery from New York lottery Powerball or any games,
Can he maintain anonymity ,by mean of lawyer trust ?
When I ask to NYS Lotto center they reply me there is no exception for that ,winner will be publicized … is it true ?
I am still trying to be a winner trust me :)
Any ans will be knowledgeable …..

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Answer by Anju
Yes you can stay anonymous. It’s a privacy policy and they can’t force you to put your name out everywhere.

Hope you win someday =]

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  1. No, there are only about 3 states in the United States that the winner of the Powerball or Mega Millions can stay anonymous and New York is definitely not one of them. Ohio and Delaware are two of the states where you can stay anonymous but every winner of the Mega Millions from New York since at least 2004 are known by name to the public. It looks like you can set up a trust as one winner did that but there name is still known. The Powerball has only been in New York since January 2010, there have been two winners so far who happen to be the last two Jackpot winners and both of their names are known. They both won huge Jackpots and I guarantee if they could they would have stayed anonymous. As far as the smaller games in New York go you will not be able to stay anonymous if you win one of those Jackpots.

  2. Ha ha….whenever I fantasize about winning the NYS Lottery, I always wish I could be anonymous too.