CA scratcher winner – how long b4 check arrives?

Question by yugo: CA scratcher winner – how long b4 check arrives?
Sent winning scratcher certified mail – Lottery received Feb 7th. Processed Mar 3rd. Check sent out 7 days ago. Has anyone received a check from the lottery that took over a week to travel 350 miles? Getting a little po’ed. When we call it’s wait 10 more days and call us back. Retailer where we bought the ticket said two weeks – we are going on two months !!!! Anyone ?

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Answer by JayJay
You would need to call the California Lottery board.

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  1. Depends on how much it is for. My Aunt won almost 10k and had a similiar situation. They initially told her 14 days and it took almost a month from Cali to Maine. I know its not what you want to hear but just look on the bright side- YOU WON! congrats lol

  2. Can you please say how much you won? I won $ 2000 awhile ago and it took 2 weeks, but i went directly to lottery office.

  3. you should of had the check and with tthe way the econly is i bet someone stole and cashed it .if it hasn’t arrived yet
    what many do anymore is go right to one of teh offices and turn the big winner in person and have the money put directly into their bank account
    youi could call and ask if the check was cashed and if thta has happened someone did steal the check